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Slides & Dive Boards

We are a full service pool company. We can provide you with all you need to build, maintain and enjoy your very own backyard paradise.

What are we looking at?

Inter-Fab Inc. manufacturers the best residential pool slides on the market today. If you are seeking fun-packed slides that the whole family will enjoy, then look no further! You'll be the hero in your family as you soak up the endless hours of smiles and laughter in your own backyard!

The Advantages

Slides & Dive Boards

Having a slide or dive board on your pool will not only increase the performance of the pool, and utilize the usage of your pool deck. It perfects your pool, influencing everyone to enjoy. We recommend the G-Force slide series!


Slide Product Minimum Deck Area
Adrenaline 14' 6" x 8'0"
Zoomerang 8' 0" x 4' 0"
White Water 12' 0" x 5' 0"
Wild Ride 12' 0" x 5' 0"
City 2 12' 0" x 5' 0"
X-Stream 2 14' 0" x 8' 6"
G-Force 2 8' 6" x 7' 2"

Click the links in the table above to see images of each model, options and more videos!


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