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Solar Covers

  • PRETTY PLEASING PATTERNS - Before installing, lay the liner out in the sun for a minimum of one hour to warm up the vinyl ensuring it is able to stretch when adding water.

  • MEASURE TWICE, BUY ONCE – Whether installing for the first time, or replacing an existing liner, swimline offers durability while not breaking the bank. Be sure to check the measurements of your swimming pool to assure the correct size is purchased. Pool height is determined by measuring the outside wall from the ground to underneath the top rail.

  • INSTALL IN A SNAP OR A HOOK - This style liner works with pools with flat-bottoms measuring 52". For an overlap style pool, simply open up the j-hook portion and slip this over the pool wall. For beaded style pools, use the standard bead after removing the j-hook portion along the score or groove mark. This will leave only the standard bead which is inserted into the bead receiver opening. ***Will not work with Intex or Pop-Up pools***

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Swim carefree knowing your liner can tough it out through abrasion, chemicals and UV fading thanks to the use of Lamiclear technology. The layers are made of an acrylic top coat, a UV resistant print layer, and a 100% virgin vinyl base. This material is then welded and cut for a flawless fit and finish. A 25-year limited warranty is included protecting against defects in material and workmanship.

High Durability 25 Mil Unibead Material

25 Year Manufacture Limited Warranty

Available in 48", 52" & 54" Wall Heights

Available 48"

Special Order

Special Order

Special Order

Special Order

Available 52"

Available 54"


Mr. Pools sells various varieties of pool liners, including overlap, beaded, uni-bead (J-hook), and expandable liners. We carry pool liners in hundreds of round, oval, and rectangular pool sizes that may be shipped the same day to our facility for inspection. Don't forget to protect your liner with pool cove, floor padding or wall foam, and triple check that you don't need replacement wall gaskets.

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Armor Shield liner protection between vinyl and soil or sand

Pool Cove keeps the water in the pool and keeps the liner from ballooning out under the bottom of the wall.

Happy Bottom is soft and helps reduce punctures and retain heat.

Aquador Skimmer Winterizer Saves Water - Saves Time - Saves Money

Liner Upgrades Available

Upgraded GLI Liner Doctor Order's Available Upon Request

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