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Chemical Opening Kits & Guidance

ALWAYS read all label directions on all products prior to using, and only use as directed.

ALWAYS add the chemical to the water. NEVER add water to the chemical.

NEVER mix chemicals together.


Chlorine Tablets

Upgraded Chlorine

Bromine Tablets

Salt System Aquatrol

Chlorine Shock

Non-Chlorine Shock

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Pool Maintenance doesn't have to be hard. With REGAL® chemicals 3-step system you can sanitize, shock, and prevent algae to keep your pool crystal-clear and safe for swimming. Pool care isn’t just about using the right products, it’s also about using them safely. See our safety tips section for areminder of how to safely prepare, apply, and store pool chemicals.

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The Fast Start Pool Opening Kit was designed to make spring opening easier than ever.

6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tablets. Regal® Xtreme Tabs are slow-dissolving blended chlorine tablets that kill bacteria and control algae, but also act as a clarifier and help prevent corrosion & metal staining.

Preventing algae is the key to fun in your pool. Algaecides act as a backup to your normal sanitization program

Properly balanced water prevents corrosion and staining. It will also optimize the performance of your sanitizer.

Very Important Information for All Pool Owners

Information provided by Mr Pools and More Retail Showroom: Located at 607 Marks Road Valley City Ohio 44280

100% Free Water Consulation any time or by appointment

Things you should know about your pool

Why is this important?

You need to know your gallons because, we use this to measure the chemicals later to effectivly treat the water by sanitizing the water with shock, and prevent algae to keep your pool crystal-clear and safe for swimming.

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