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Our Process

At Mr Pools we are committed to building the backyard of your dreams!

Mr Pools is the top choice in Northeast Ohio, that you can trust to create your backyard paradise. We can complete your project on time, on budget and most importantly with respect to meticulous detail. The decision to add a pool to your yard is more complicated than choosing where it should go and what size it will be.

Step 1


The best pools start with excellent design. Mr Pools Inc offers home consultations, boots on the ground to sit down and listen to your ideas. Attention to detail, Efficient planning, scheduling and respecting the budget are all deep concerns of Mr Pools Inc. We want to do our best to understand your expectations for your dream pool and surpass them. The best start is to look at the property to determine what size and type pool might work best for you.

Step 2


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The construction process is completely dependent on the communication that we share and is critical to our combined success. Our construction process can be as short as seven days on inground pools, given excellent communication and weather permitting. We are always available to answer any questions you have regarding the project. It is our top priority to preserve your vision, and make it a reality.

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Step 3

We want you to be comfortable with your new pool. We will do our best to train you even after equipment is pulled from site and you begin enjoying your backyard paradise. We will teach you on how to operate and maintain your new pool, as well as give you free water testing available at our retail location.

Being a first time pool owner will not feel like the first time you venture into the deep end of a pool, at least not with us!

We want to make sure you are enjoying your new pool and not overwhelmed with its operation and care.

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