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Cover Sales and Installation

A swimming pool cover protects your pool from debris but most  importantly, a swimming pool cover protects the people you care about. Keeping your costs down and your guard up, a pool cover is a smart investment that benefits your family, your community, and your budget.

More Information

Many homeowners ask us, "Are pool covers worth it?" We always advise a pool cover due to the numerous advantages they offer, regardless of the kind of pool you have or how frequently you use it. A swimming pool protective cover can assist to lessen accidents and their severity with appropriate installation and maintenance, yet mishaps can still occur near pools. Additionally, a pool cover keeps debris out of the water. protects your pool from the elements throughout the winter, lowers the expense of your heating, lowers the cost of your insurance, and also gives you a wonderful sense of comfort knowing that your pets, kids, and grandkids are safe from unintentionally entering your pool unattended.

Solid Winter Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Solid pool safety covers provide excellent protection from debris, keeping the pool safe while not in use for extended periods. Mesh covers are lightweight and allow water to drain through the material which we do not reccomend for our area. Solid covers while heavier, block 100% of sunlight reducing algae growth. Solid safety covers help to reduce cleaning and maintenance when opening the pool. Solid Covers the most secure option to protect your pool during colder winter months when it’s not in use.

Automatic Pool Safety Covers

Automatic safety covers, which are constructed using specially formulated materials, can be effortlessly opened or closed at the touch of a button. With their unobtrusive design, automatic pool covers deliver the ultimate in safety, elegance, and convenience. Automatic pool covers for inground pools provide peace of mind for pool owners all year long. When your pool is not in use during the colder months, leave the cover in place to protect it from debris and protect your family members and pets from any accidents.

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