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Private Getaway

Transform your backyard

Imagine transforming an outdoor area to foster wellness and fitness while also encouraging family and friend time. With a PDC Spas® hot tub designed for dependable and cost-effective year-round operation, you can enjoy the expansion of your living area while unwinding in any season. It's easier than ever to treat yourself to a night of fun or leisure when you're surrounded by all the conveniences of home! Selecting PDC Spas® allows you to proudly own and purchase American-made products that have been around for 60 years.

Request for Spa Pricing

We are pleased to provide pricing on the spa of your dreams. Click on the series below to help us identify which models to start your quote and we will include current promotions and discounts. A healthier, happier you awaits!

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We have a dedicated site with all the information you would ever need just for spas, and swimspas! You can trust and rely on PDC for all your spa needs because it is made here in the USA! Not only are you supporting local, you are also buying from HOME!

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