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Pool Decking

Choosing your pool decking is critical to pool customization since it has a major influence on the appearance of your outdoor space. Different materials, such as concrete, might significantly alter your intended pool design. Each material also has distinct advantages in terms of safety, maintenance, and cost.
When choosing pool decking for your new inground pool, there are several factors to consider. Consider if you would want decking that is cool to the touch or decking that warms up in the sun. Will it get slick if wet? Will it be smooth to walk on or rough on bare feet?

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Concrete Pool Decking

Although it is not as popular as it once was, concrete decking is still one of the most cost-effective pool decking solutions. Concrete pool decking also allows for a variety of customizing possibilities, including the ability to add color, stamp a design into it, or even mimic the appearance of natural materials. Concrete can also be textured, resulting in a particularly slip-resistant surface. However, because concrete can fracture or fade over time, frequent care is required to keep it in good condition.

Paver Pool Decking

Paver decking is a concrete paving stone, tile, or brick that may be formed into a number of shapes and sizes. When it comes to developing a certain style for your pool area, this sort of decking gives you more alternatives.

Mr Pools provides both natural and manufactured pavers, such as stone or slate. Natural pavers are normally more costly, but they offer your pool an elevated or more natural appearance. Stone, brick, travertine, and slate are popular pavement materials. These types are often slip resistant and need little upkeep.

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Another factor to consider is how much upkeep you are willing to take on your decking. Choosing a cheaper solution today may result in more upkeep later. Choosing a more expensive material, on the other hand, may be easier to maintain in the future and pay off in the long term.

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