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Automatic Covers

Whether you're installing a new pool in your backyard or already own an in-ground pool, it's critical to recognize the value of having a cover to safeguard your investment. Automatic pool covers are safe, dependable, and simple to use. With the stroke of a button, you may open and close your automatic safety cover. Automatic pool covers provide amazing piece of mind for those looking to avoid mishaps or keep loved ones and pets safe. Automatic pool covers are dependable and simple to use.

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How does an automatic cover work?

Automatic inground safety covers are powered by a few critical components, namely tracks and a compact, efficient motor. Typically, there will be a sleek "roller" on one end of the pool where the pool cover material rolls up and is kept when not in use. When the switch is pressed, the motor starts and the electric pool cover rolls over the pool area using two tracks on either side of the pool. These tracks can be installed within the pool's lip for a seamless design, or they can be built above ground on each side of the pool. Electric pool covers should be installed by a certified electrician, who should run all wires and attach them to the breaker box.

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