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Tanning Ledges

Vinyl Liner Tanning Ledges have their own specific qualities, vinyl is a high-performance substitute for fiberglass. Vinyl swimming pool ledges are equally as quick to build and soft to the touch as their fiberglass equivalents, offering great value for your money and a fully adaptable social space. Since vinyl tanning ledges are completely incorporated into the inside perimeter of the pool, the optimum time to add one is either when the pool is being built from scratch or perhaps when an existing pool liner is being renovated. This is because they are constructed using steel forms and rely on the pool liner for the final appearance.

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Q: Are tanning ledges customizable?

A: Vinyl Liner Pool Tanning Ledge Shapes Are Completely Customizable

Q: How deep are they?

A: Designed for lounging instead of exercising, tanning ledges are intentionally shallow — often, containing less than a foot of water. For example, Latham's Gemini, Semicircle, and Picasso tanning ledges are each 10 inches deep, despite measuring different widths and lengths.

Q: What is the point of a tanning ledge?

A: Tanning ledges provide an area to relax and take in some additional sunlight without having to get out of the water. They're ideal for entertaining, pool parties, and any other occasion where you need extra pool seating because they double as benches.

Q: Can a fiberglass pool have a tanning ledge?

A: Depending on the size and design of your fiberglass pool, along with your budget and time constraints, one or more tanning ledges can easily be added to the main pool basin by our expert builder.

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