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Pool Shapes

Pool forms are an important part of the design of your yard and pool. They may make or ruin the style you're going for in your backyard getaway. It is critical to consider the following factors while selecting a pool shape: users and their lifestyle necessities, the budget, or even the landscaping around the pool area. Not to mention traffic areas around the pool and lastly, what backyard area that is even available.

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Vinyl Pool Shapes

Vinyl Pools can be molded into standard shapes or custom, free form shapes. They are often less expensive than fiberglass yet may fit into awkward areas in yards.

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Fiberglass Pool Shapes

Fiberglass pools are available in a variety of sizes and forms. While their forms are less flexible, they are easy to install and require little upkeep.

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Rectangular pools are geometric and have a formal appearance. Because they are long and straight, they are great for swimming laps and exercising. Rectangular pools include Roman and Grecian pools. They feature edges and curves that recall antique art pieces and provide the impression of refinement.

True-L pools are rectangular in shape with a little expansion on one end. The form's break clearly distinguishes shallow and deep ends, with deep ends often constituting the longer half of the "L." They are also suitable when the pool form must wrap around the outside of a house.

Kidney-shaped pools are formed by intertwining two off-centered ovals or circles with an indentation in the center. Kidney-shaped pools are attractive and seem more natural when placed outside.

Free form pools are built of Steel Vinyl and may be almost any shape a pool owner desires. They mix very well with nature and seem more natural in outdoor situations. They are simple to integrate into landscaping, and homeowners may benefit from extra space when the shape is modified.

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