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Pool Lighting

Mr Pools' customized pool lighting solutions allow you to swim into the night. Whether you are building a new inground pool or adding custom lighting to an existing pool, our skilled team of pool builders and designers will assist you in realizing your vision.

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Pool Lighting with LEDs

LED lighting is one of our most popular pool lighting elements. With personalized LED lighting, Mr Pools can enhance the natural beauty of your pool. LED pool lights are securely encased and incorporated into the walls of your pool, and they can be switched on and off with the flip of a button. Draw attention to pool access points such as steps, ladders, and beach entrances.

Illuminate your backyard

Make focal points out of water features such as disappearing edges, waterfalls, and fountains. Dazzle spectators with vibrant lighting, ranging from natural blues and greens to eye-catching bright hues. For night swimming, illuminate the entire pool. LED pool lights have the added benefit of being extremely long lasting. Most lights have a lifespan of seven to fifteen years.

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