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How to Build a Pool

Step 1

Choose a Pool Type

Your first step should be to determine what kind of pool is most appropriate for your needs. An inground or above-ground pool will depend on your budget, lifestyle, landscape, and available space as well as your personal preference. Once you have decided on the type of pool you wish to build, we will explore all the accessories and features that make it unique in step two.

Happy Boy Floatie

Step 2

Accessories and Features

The overall appearance and function of your new swimming pool will also need to be considered along with the bigger-picture decisions like shape, size, and depth. You can upgrade your pool in a multitude of ways, from the surface and decking to fire and water features, to outdoor kitchens, lighting, and more. Having decided on your essential features, you will be glad to have found us as your builder who has a great reputation.

See Our List of Must-Have Features and Accessories

Step 3

Choosing a Master Builder

Finding the right contractor to build your pool requires research and vetting. Most people ask friends and relatives for recommendations first. It would be smart to verify reviews for your builders from there. Even while you gather estimates from several sources, the next best step would be to schedule a time to speak with our specialists directly about the pool you want, provided you feel comfortable with what our clients have to say about us. You must be comfortable with the builder you hire to manage the project from start to finish. You do not want to have to oversee and organize alone. We'll then go over how to apply for a building permit.

Family in Pool
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Step 4

Get Permits

Getting a building permit for your pool is a relatively simple and cost-effective task, yet it holds significant importance in the pool construction process for various reasons. Permits serve as a guarantee that your pool meets safety standards, keep in mind that failure to comply with these regulations by your hired builder may result in substantial fines. Fortunately, we take care of the entire permit application process on your behalf, allowing us to start building the pool of your dreams!

Step 5

Excavate and Build

Once you have finalized your pool design, selected a reliable builder, and organized all the necessary paperwork, the exciting phase commences. It is now time to commence excavation and transform your backyard into a stunning oasis. Here is a breakdown of the pool construction process

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