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Equipment Repair and Installation

Mr Pools have the skills and qualifications to diagnose, repair, or replace all or portion of your Swimming Pool's Equipment System professionally and safely. Or you may just wish to replace your old equipment with a new energy-efficient system, in which case we will offer you choices and assist you.

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Few Things to Know About Pool Filter Equipment

Pool Pumps

A good pool pump acts as the "heart" of your pool, pumping water through your filtration system to keep it fresh and clean. Your pool will lose its capacity to manage the chemicals required to keep the water clean if it does not have sufficient circulation. Choosing the appropriate pool pump is essential for conserving energy and keeping your pool operating smoothly and cleanly. We have a large range of high-quality pumps at Mr Pools, so we can easily locate the right one for your pool.

Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters are essential for the cleanliness and general upkeep of your pool. While chemicals and sanitizers destroy germs and algae in your pool, your filter is responsible for removing debris. Your water would rapidly turn hazy if you didn't have it. Mr Pools and More's Pool Supplies Fast is your one-stop shop for filters, filter media, valves, and cartridge replacements. We have a filter for every pool - and any budget!

Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps

Have you ever wanted to start or prolong your swimming season but the water was too cold and you weren't interested in a Polar Plunge? Pool heaters are an excellent method to maintain a pleasant temperature in your pool. Our selection includes models that require minimum maintenance and are highly rated for energy efficiency, allowing you to immediately save money on your utility costs. We provide a variety of pool heaters and pool heat pumps from renowned pool supply manufacturers at the lowest rates available anywhere.

Pool Cleaners

The greatest buddy of a pool owner is a pool cleaner, often known as a pool vacuum. You cannot brush your pool walls or remove larger particles with even the strongest swimming pool filtration system. Here's where pool cleaners come in handy. They do not take the place of your filtration unit. Instead, to make your swimming pool as clean and attractive as possible, cleaners and filters collaborate. Mr Pools and More offers the ideal vacuum for your pool, whether you require an above-ground or in-ground model. You can rely on Mr Pools and More's Pool Supplies for the greatest pool cleaners at the most competitive prices.

Salt Generators & Replacement Cells

With a salt generator, you can quickly soften the water and lessen the chance of chlorine-related eye or skin irritation, transforming your backyard haven into a beautiful saltwater pool. Pool salt generators function by introducing a little quantity of salt into the pool water, which is then filtered using the standard procedure. Although there isn't enough salt added to taste, your water will feel smooth and luxurious, making it ideal for leisurely swims. Furthermore, since salt producers repurpose salt repeatedly, you only need to replenish them roughly once every season. They are less expensive and better for the environment than utilizing chemicals like chlorine and other similar substances.

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