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Pool Liner Installation

All Vinyl liner graphics are for illustration purposes only. It is recommended by the manufacturer to view an actual sample before ordering your liner. Color may vary from what appears below. Manufacturer reserves the right to change liner selections without notice.

More Information

Finding the proper kind of liner more quickly may be achieved by understanding what questions to ask. Here is a list of important considerations and questions to ask yourself while making your pool upgrade or new pool build.

How Long Does a Vinyl Inground Pool Liner Last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your vinyl pool liner to last anywhere from five to 10 years, depending on factors like sun exposure, climate, and general wear and tear.

Vinyl Pool Liner Maintenance: How to Clean and Care for Your Liner

Proper maintenance is imperative to extend the longevity of your pool liner. The good news is, cleaning and maintaining your pool liner doesn’t require a huge time commitment or investment. Make sure to gently brush your liner once a week to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, and chemicals. Make sure to maintain proper water chemistry in your pool to prevent liner wrinkling and calcium scaling. Use a vinyl-liner cleaning solution to keep the waterline free of dirt and oils. Automatic cleaners help extend the life of your liner drastically!

Do Darker Pool Liners Keep Water Warmer?

Dark liners may be better at absorbing heat from the sun, which could translate to slightly warmer water temperatures. However, the difference is likely insubstantial. If you enjoy toasty water temperatures, consider heating your pool using gas, propane or electric. We can help you compare both systems to find out which is the best way to heat your pool.

Which Liner Pattern Is Ideal for My Pool?

This question lacks a universally applicable solution. The liner pattern that lets you realize your ideal swimming pool is the greatest one for you. Recall that pool liners might modify the water's shade in addition to your pool's appearance. The color of the water may be altered with a pool liner to become deep and dramatic, rich, or serene and light.

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